Affiliate Marketing – Using Pay Per Click to Sell Products

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Cost Per Action (CPA) online internet businesses sign up affiliates to promote products for other businesses. Some CPA network businesses are,,, and The CPA affiliate networks are paid by a publisher who in return pays the CPA network. Then affiliates are paid by the CPA networks for selling these products to consumers. Affiliates promote business offers by using pay per click (PPC) advertising search engines such as Google AdWords, Yahoo Search, Microsoft Adcenter, Miva and etc.

Affiliates join PPC search engines and write ads to promote CPA affiliate network offers. Ad formats vary by PPC businesses but each always contains a headline.

The headline is used to attract the attention of potential customers. It is important for the headline to immediately grab the attention of potential internet customers. The headline needs to be relevant to the product or service you are promoting. Also, it is important that the first letter of each word is capitalized because this makes the headline easier to read.

Keywords are used to attract potential customers. Affiliates bid on keywords to attract potential customers. This is accomplished by affiliates paying PPC businesses to put ads on their networks. Relevant ads are displayed on the computer based on data entered in search engine by internet users. When someone clicks on these ads, the sales page is displayed and the customer has the opportunity to comply with the offer requirements.

Generally, the higher the keyword bid amount, the higher the page rank and page position will be. The page rank is the page number on which the ad appears. Page one is the coveted ad position because this is the first page displayed in a Google search. The page position is the position the ad appears on the page. The affiliate pays the PPC business the bid amount or a lesser amount each time someone clicks on the affiliate’s ad.

The ad also contains a description. The purpose of the description is to show a benefit and have a call to action that results in converting the ad to a sale. The description benefit could be something like Discover Weight Loss Secrets. Get Your Free Weight Loss Sample Here would be an effective call to action for this example.

It is important to capitalize the first letter of each word in the headline and description. Capitalizing the first letter of each word in a sentence helps to grab the attention of the reader.

Attention grabbing headlines are important. Some internet gurus suggest that the headline should contain a relevant keyword to improve the page rank and page position. Others believe that relevant content in the headline is more important.

You can find more relevant keywords by using free tools available on the internet. Perform a Google search on “Free Keyword Tools” and use them to obtain more relevant keywords to promote CPA network offers. Then promote merchant products and services by purchasing keywords on CPA networks.

CAUTION: When bidding on keywords be sure to set a daily or monthly dollar limit. This is important to limit potential losses. Individuals not familiar with how the PPC businesses work risk having substantial PPC costs. This can happen when keywords that are not relevant to the product being promoted have numerous hits but no sales conversions.

Determine which keywords are converting, then write different ad headlines using these keywords. Try limiting headlines and the sales message to contain one keyword.

It is possible to promote CPA network offers by only using search PPC provided by Google AdWords, MSN Adcenter, Miva, etc. However, most internet gurus believe that an individual really needs a web site to effectively promote CPA affiliate network offers. This allows your site to display the offer landing page, provides the opportunity to pre-sell the offer, and this potentially makes the customer more prone to act on the offer.

Landing pages also allow the opportunity to have a squeeze page that provides the customer an opportunity to look at another offer. Squeeze pages are also used to get subscribers to newsletters, other offers, etc. Additional offers can be sent by email to persons who subscribe to your newsletter. However, be sure that you comply with the laws pertaining to unsolicited emails.

Another reason for having your own web site is that you can use landing page ad rotators to promote several offers at one time. Offers are rotated sequentially as customers visit your web site. This is a good way to determine which offers have the best conversion rates and then you can concentrate on promoting offers with the highest conversion rate.

Affiliate marketing can be effectively implemented using PPC search engines to attract internet users to CPA offers. Advertising ads placed on search engines can either be directed to the CPA network offer or directed to your web site and then subsequently being redirected to the CPA network offer.

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