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What is RSS and how do you use it to grow your home business?

Many people ask this question, hopefully I can shed some light on this topic.

RSS or Rich Site Summary (also called Really Simple Syndication) is a format for delivering updates and changes to a website or blog. It allows readers or visitors to your site to stay up to date and informed on any changes or additions you have made.

RSS replaces the days when we would simply bookmark a specific site and go in from time to time to see any new postings or website information. The downside with bookmarks is the time spent going from every site to identify if changes or additions have been made.

RSS is a technology that gives you a way of getting the most up to date information from your favorite sites as soon as the new information is posted on the site.

This tool is one of the easiest to use and absolutely free with web based Google Reader. Google Reader will help you find and keep track of various blogs and websites. As new content comes to your Google Reader, you can read it immediately or go to the actual site. When you finish reading a post or article, the document will be marked as read and you can move on to the next post.

How Will RSS Help My Home Business Grow?

Getting feedback from your customers or visitors is essential to build your home business. Ask yourself, how you are getting feedback from your customers and/or visitors. Feedbacks can be in the form of comments to your articles, surveys and testimonials to name a few.

Knowing what your customers are saying about your products or services within your home business is extremely important. You need to know if there are issues that should be addressed either through making changes or being able to explain misunderstood information. If you are not getting feedback, you are flying blind.

Positive feedback is wonderful because it reinforces your topic direction and makes you realize you are providing useful information. On a personal note, it leaves you feeling really good knowing the needs of your home business prospects were met. Reading comments on your site as well as others’ sites will give you a little insight helping you make your home business more appealing. Using RSS to stay up on other sites is a great way to give you new ideas to incorporate into your home business.

The bottom line is RSS allows people to track your site and visit regularly to learn more about your home business opportunities and products.

Most word press themes offer RSS on blog sites to increase traffic and boost the blogs’ notoriety. If you do not have an RSS Icon on your site, it’s time to add one.

Keeping your articles and posts current will engage viewers and customers. It is important to keep them active with your home business opportunities and stay fresh in their minds. Continue to post questions on your site to encourage viewers to be participate. As a home business leader, stay on top of what people are buying or looking for. Your site reinforces information that will help with marketing ideas, campaigns and provides benefits of your home business and why they should sign-up with you or buy your particular product.

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