5 Steps For Finding the Right Business Online

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Simple and honest advice as to how not to be taken in on an Internet business scam. Follow these simple 5 steps and you will save yourself a lot of wasted time, energy and money.

Number 1. Do your diligent research above all else, do not act on your emotions. This would include, making sure you Google a. name of the person that is trying to bring you into the business. b. name of the company. c. name of the product. This will give you a dearth of information you can use, when making your decision to join or not to join this business.

Number 2. Make sure that the business you will be joining has a high profit margin and high cash flow. Too often people join a multi-level marketing company, and push pills, vitamins, lotions, and potions, insurance, vacations, health and energy drinks, etc. They have to put in hundreds of hours on the phones, and try to make a small profit on hundreds of items. Simply, does not leverage your time.

Number 3. Marketing will be the key to your business success. So make sure you have have a market for the products your promoting, and for sure target that market. You should have high technology internet tools, such as, an automated auto responders, emails, templates, lead capture pages, just to name a few.

Number 4. Training and mentoring. Without a doubt, make sure there is support and training provided and that your never left alone in the new business venture. There should be a training site, live conference calls and the person that brought you in, should also be a good coach and trainer.

Number 5. This is the most important point. Who ever is trying to bring you into this new business, simply do the following. Ask that person for at least 2 references with phone numbers of people that are making at least 50K per year on a part time basis. If the person, refuses to give you the names and phone numbers, and says something like that information is “confidential”, avoid that business. When you do get the references, call those references up and interview them about the business.

So, if you follow the above, will it assure your success in an internet business. Naturally, there are no guarantees, but it will go a long way to finding a legitimate business on the Internet.

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