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Businessman turned Producer Rahul Jindal is now contributing as a Social worker

From the homeland of Rajasthan: Rahul Jindal is a highly committed and successful Indian Entrepreneur, also donning Producer’s hat. He stepped on to the entertainment world as a producer by producing various TV shows & films and has come a long way from being a businessman to scoring big as a producer.
It’s his passion for his craft and the industry that pushes him to do better and better! For Rahul pouring his heart and soul into producing is a serious business fueled by persistent passion. He literally toddled his way to popularity as a producer by essaying multiple roles. Basically he is an Educationalist and owns a university at such a young age. He is also a frequent traveler and enjoys good travel vibes. You can often notice him often travelling out of India. He as well as runs his own Trust (NGO).
Besides being an entrepreneur and producer, Rahul Jindal is a social worker as well. He runs his NGO and is engaged with multiple kind of charity works. He is currently coming forward to donate for the cause of combating COVID-19. He is doing his bit and is helping feed families in need through his NGO. For this talented personality, it's not all about money, but compassion and generosity. A large part of his success can be attributed to the fact that he treats his work as his brand and he knows how to handle a plethora of responsibilities, from Organizing Beauty Pageants like Miss Earth and Miss Intercontinental (2019) to promoting fresh new talents. His contribution is much more than just an entrepreneur and producer in this highly competitive time.

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