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Karan singh Chhabra gets post breakup tips from Shahid Kapoor , Kiara Advani

Bollywood heartthrob Shahid kapoor and the Ms Dhoni actress Kiara Advani became love guru s for Television host and actor Karan singh Chhabra while shooting for one of his chat shows.

"Never leave yourself alone after a breakup and always surround yourself with friends and people you like . Cry out on day one if you like but then move on. Follow your hobbies and do what you like'" shared shahid kapoor when asked on tips to move on from a break up.

On asking about his experience of hosting this special episode Karan shared "It's always fun to chat with Shahid kapoor as he is witty and intelligent while Kiara is the bubbly girl next door and I have been working with them during all their film releases and it's quite fun"

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